Behind the scenes this year, Anceito/penqwin and I worked to improve the kind of data our system logs. For example, our system now logs all price data every time our system fetches from TCGPlayer (which is VERY frequent). This came from a few one-off complaints from users that our system failed to alert them of a price drop. Once we deployed our new logging system, we saw immediate benefits. In all cases, there were bugs on TCGPlayer's side that they were able to address, which is a win-win for everyone.

Big gains this year

2021 was a big year for tcgSniper! Another addition to our improved logging efforts included 'snapshots' of our current system stats on a daily basis. Our insights here are still premature as we still don't have proper BI tools, but our improved logging will justify its investment in the future (I would love to hear your recommendations on tools). Here are a few insights:

  • We almost doubled the number of users tcgSniper had in 2020
  • We have sent over 3,808 product alerts since writing this note.

Finally, I wish to acknowledge the crickets in the release notes area this year. We accomplished a lot this year. Though, I would have loved to do more. Most of my free time this year was actually occupied with house hunting. Seriously. Between my day job and family commitments, most of my free time this year between the months of March and October were occupied with showings, contracts, disappointment... rinse and repeat.

I can't wait to see where 2022 takes us. Happy (early) New Year! 🥂