During the early days of tcgSniper, our app was picked up by a popular Magic: The Gathering podcast called This Week in MTG. In episode #7 of This Week in MTG, we discuss the origins of tcgSniper.com, our embarrassing knowledge of Magic, and exciting news about our support for SMS/Text and Discord alerts.

We'd like to thank our new friends at This Week in MTG for featuring our app. If you would like to feature tcgSniper on your podcast, please reach out to [email protected].

This episode we go into more Throne Of Eldraine Leaks, Reid Duke Entering the Hall of Fame and interview the owners/lead developers of "TCG Sniper". https://tcgsniper.com/ To support this podcast please shop TCG Player by using this link... https://bit.ly/2kkbO4f Find out more at http://www.thisweekinmtg.com

Episode #7 originally aired on September 16th, 2019.

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