Howdy 👋, first of all, there have been many mini-releases throughout the year. However, they're usually minor tweaks most people won't notice. I won't post here if I feel it doesn't warrant a standalone announcement.

NEW Email Alerts v2

Emails are no longer fugly 🤮. They include:

  • One-tap Reactivate link - You can securely reactivate an alert directly from your email without signing in.
  • Dynamic language based upon the alerted price and the price alert mode (drop, increase, any change)
  • An overall cleaner look versus the plain text email we have sent since the inception of tcgSniper

NEW Blog/Help Center

NEW Host

  • Transitioned TCGSniper to a new host to reduce cost and provide the needed infrastructure for new features (re: Blog/Help center)

This actually took several painstaking months but was completed circa the end of August 2021. Did you even notice? 😉

An internal note to our committee upon our migration to a new host.