Yes! By default, we do our best to include shipping costs in our price alerts.

You can toggle shipping off when creating an alert as shown below.

Include shipping toggle is enabled by default 

Why is shipping included by default?

Shipping costs can vary from seller to seller when buying from marketplaces such as TCGPlayer. For example, sellers from another country may experience higher shipping costs. A seller may also choose to list a product under market value in order to appear at the top of marketplace listings. The difference is usually accounted for in the added shipping cost.

When should I exclude shipping from a price alert?

Here are a few examples of when you should exclude shipping from a price alert:

  • Shipping is negligible or not a concern compared to the market value of the product. (e.g. Mox Pearl)
  • You have a coupon
  • You are interested in ordering multiple products from an individual seller. Shipping is usually a flat rate on the total sale in this scenario. (e.g. A seller offers a flat $3.99 shipping rate on all orders.)